Homeless Holidays in Seattle

Welcome, my goal with this project is to raise awareness about homelessness in Seattle. As you may know, there are thousands of people living on the streets in Seattle, WA this holiday season. As we tuck into our warm beds each night we can tell it’s getting colder. Yet, for the people living on the streets in Seattle the changing season is a sign of struggle, discomfort and even death in the future. Starving, filthy and alone these people fight to stay alive. This site is dedicated to those people.

This video was published and shot by Kyle Simon with hopes of raising your responsiveness to the issues of poverty that surround us.

(Fair use- See source here.)

In King County alone there are 8,900 homeless men women and children (Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission). It is important to realize that each one of these are real people.

Ways you can help:

From here you can donate to the cause and help provide food and shelter for hungry and cold men, women and children across the city of Seattle.

Seattl’es Union Gospel Mission shelters homeless individuals each night.

The Sharehouse is a non profit agency that provides furniture and household goods free of charge to families that are in transition from homeless to permanent housing. They collect furniture or household goods that you no longer want or need and deliver them to families that are in need of a couch, bed or table.

The Seattle/King County Coalition for the Homeless (SKCCH) provides an option for people or organizations to sign up as a member and they charge a set amount as a membership fee. These fees are used to “support the Coalition’s local, state, and national advocacy work, and help to maintain its 29 year history of organizing an independent, accurate, and community-driven One Night Count of people who are homeless and without shelter in King County” (SKCCH). Founded in 1979 they are one of the oldest homeless coalitions in the country.

Because a little bit goes a long ways when your homeless.

The University District in Seattle is a place where many people can be found sleeping, eating and living their lives on the streets.

For a minuscule fraction of what you you will spend on gifts, will you help the problem in Seattle this Holiday Season?



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